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Thinking about installing a water improver, but don’t know what you need … or what actually works?

Then read on, because you can achieve real water quality even in the hardest, scale-heavy, brack-water regions of South Africa…that is eco-friendly…that is good for you and your family, your plants/crops and your property/industry…at remarkably low, once-off life-time cost.

Are you looking for a water solution for:


For water that stretches 40% further…that increases crop growth up to 200%…that improves the quality of your soil…that protects your pumps, pipes, irrigation systems, poultry houses, drinking troughs and houses, against kalk, rust, algae and brack water. And good news for crop growers…Click here…

Domestic use?

For water that protects appliances, geysers, pipes, washing machines, ice makers, coffee machines and many more…water that’s healthy to drink…that grows your garden. Click here


For the best solution to scale, rust, corrosion and energy efficiency…outstanding water softening…reduces downtime…protects plant, cooling towers and wet walls…saves on chemicals. Click here

Here’s where to find all the answers…



Science has now  irrefutably proven that your chances of getting
cancer increases by a shocking 57% if you swim in chlorinated water.
Read how The PTH Water Improver can reduce chlorine in your pool by 50%







A  water supply line feeding extremly hard water, cleaned 100% by a PTH unit under controlled conditions by Kumba Mines at Kathu.


Operations Manager RSA
Cell: 076 036 2340


Softens water naturally
Leaves minerals intact
Lasts Indefinitely
Needs no electricity
Eco Friendly
Biomimicry design
No moving parts
No Maintenance
No Salt needed
No chemicals
Improves taste
No scale or rust
No downtime
Easy to install
Once off Cost
Benefits Skin and Hair
Protects pipes, appliances
Improves water quality


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