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Who is PTH Water RSA?


PTH Water RSA has been actively engaged in water treatment in Southern Africa for the last 25 years. We have established a wide clientéle on the sub-continent over the last two and a half decades, and our track record is beyond reproach.

Marais Massyn started Water Softening RSA in the ’70s in Bloemfontein, South Africa, supplying cation-exchange, resin-driven water softeners throughout South Africa and the then South West Africa (now Namibia). Although serving their purpose at the time, there were certain disadvantages associated with salt water softeners.

These old-fashioned water softeners had to be regenerated with a brine rinse, which resulted in a run-off harmful to plants, as it brackened the surrounding soil. The recharging process was time-consuming, time being a commodity which modern society no longer has. In addition, it was subsequently established that the sodium released into the water by the resin during this process of cation exchange, was potentially hazardous to users’ health, in that it was associated with high blood pressure and certain heart ailments.

These factors resulted in the preference of chemical-free softeners, instead of resin-operated softeners.

With the advent of electrochemical water treatment internationally, the emphasis started swinging away from the so-called saltwater treatment towards more environmentally friendly products.

In 1995, contact was established with the producers of the PTH product in Israel, HOP Engineering in Tel-Aviv. Water Softening RSA was awarded the distribution and marketing rights for the revolutionary PTH.

On his return from Tel-Aviv, Marais Massyn said that the PTH Water Improver had all the qualities and characteristics for it to be of considerable use in the southern African environment.

South Africa was ready for chemical-free water treatment. There was a massive demand for a product which was in-line, unbreakable, compact and above all, chemical-free.

PTH took South Africa by storm.

Since those early days, thousands of these incomparable devices have been supplied in homes and factories, in dairies and laboratories, in gardens and restaurants all over South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, Morocco, and many other countries, including the UK, France, Australia, even Mongolia.

  • Pierre Massyn, widely regarded as a leading hard water treatment specialist, joined the business in 1996 when he left the South African Department of Water Affairs as communications manager on the Lesotho Highlands Water Project. Since 1996, Water Softening RSA has gone from strength to strength with Pierre now as the owner and sole importer of PTH Water Conditioners.
  • Tom de Gale is the Operations Manager: International Trading.
  • Delene Louw is Office Manager and is also responsible for administration and invoicing.
  • Suretha van der Spuy handles marketing and sales.

PTH is widely used by some of the most prominent names in the industry.

These include Samsung International, De Beers Mines, Nasionale Pers, Rossing Uranium, South African Breweries, Eskom, South Bakels, Koogans Plastics, Marine Oil Refiners, Sanlam, Polyoak, Marine Products, Kentucky Fried Chicken and many others. The Coca-Cola factory in Kimberley purchased the product in August 1997. The South African Navy is another satisfied user, as is the luxurious Beacon Island Hotel in Plettenberg Bay. The prestigious University of Stellenbosch has tested the product and is currently using six of the devices. The product is also endorsed by the University of Cape Town as well as Ben Gurion University. The Grain Research Institute of the University of Potchefstroom uses six PTHs on wet walls and speaks highly of the product.

By 2007, there were already more than 3500 devices installed and in use in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

That same year, Windmaker Waterversagting CC was established to cater corporately for the vastly expanded business. It is now trading under the name PTH Water.

Through its comprehensive network of distributors throughout South Africa and Namibia, the PTH team can service clients almost immediately.

Owner and Founder
Cell: 082 900 9253

National Sales RSA
Cell: 076 036 2340

Sales and Marketing
Cell: 072 702 4157

Benefits of the PTH


Softens water naturally
Leaves minerals intact
Lasts Indefinitely
Needs no electricity
Eco Friendly
Biomimicry design
No moving parts
No Maintenance
No Salt needed
No chemicals
Improves taste
No scale or rust
No downtime
Easy to install
Once off Cost
Benefits Skin and Hair
Protects pipes, appliances
Improves water quality


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