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Selecting the right size PTH

Which unit do you need?

Here’s how to choose…

The flow rate* of your water determines the correct unit size

  • Pipe size can be reduced to accommodate the unit
  • Units range in size from 1/2″/15mm to 2″/50mm
  • Larger units from 21/2″/65mm to 12″/300mm on request – ask for free advice

How to measure flow rate:

Domestic: Simply place empty bowl/bucket under tap. Open tap full for 10 seconds. Measure amount and multiply by 6 = liters per minute

Agriculture/industry: 1. Determine size of pump by ‘bar’. 1 bar = 35 to 40 liters per minute, eg 2 bar = +-70 to 80 liters per minute. 2. Height of water tank: every 10 meters = 1 bar

RECOMMENDED FLOW RATE: 1.3 m per second

Operations Manager RSA
Cell: 076 036 2340

Benefits of the PTH


Softens water naturally
Leaves minerals intact
Lasts Indefinitely
Needs no electricity
Eco Friendly
Biomimicry design
No moving parts
No Maintenance
No Salt needed
No chemicals
Improves taste
No scale or rust
No downtime
Easy to install
Once off Cost
Benefits Skin and Hair
Protects pipes, appliances
Improves water quality


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